Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mania Runway


Lillesøster og mamma i Amsterdam, 2007. Digger det nederste bildet!

Laget til oppg. 2 på Mania Runway. Skulle bruke strømpebukse, håndsøm og maling. Jeg har brukt litt av en nettingstrømpe..hihi. Ikke noe jeg hadde funnet på å scrappe med av meg selv tror jeg :D

Ellers er det mønsterpapir fra Love,Elsie og Fancy Pants, vinylthickers fra AC og gulmønstrete overlay fra Hambly.

Monday, October 13, 2008

This is my hatred, this is my vow. Never to be broken

Hatebreed - Defeatist

Photos from psykobillyband Döden's concert @ Taxi Takeaway 2007. I made this for Tove's inspiration-blog 1-2-4 Dynamite:


Layout made for the first challenge @ Mania Runway:

I give you my heart

Saturday, October 11, 2008

We toss and turn but don't sleep

Rise Against - Reeducation

Rise Against has a new album out, woho!:) They're probably my all-time favourite band.. I like almost all their songs, all their albums.. I love the lyrics, the vocals, the music. They are just amazing! Check out MySpace for more songs:

I have 2 new layouts to share:)

Photo from 1992, me and my mom and little sister out picking berries:

Haakon and Magnus, summer of 2007. It was kinda cold..:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Nina Bakke har startet en fotoblogg - Fotoverden.

Dette vil du kunne lese om der:
1. hver måned: Presentasjon av...
10. hver måned: Artikkel
15. hver måned: Fotokonkurranse med premie
28. hver måned: Månedens fotograf og bilde

I anledning av åpningen har hun en blog-candy, stikk innom bloggen for å se hva det er :)

My week-project is done, and I took lots of photos every day. I haven't had time to go through and upload all the photos though so thursday-sunday didn't make it to the blog. Maybe I'll upload some of them later:)

Friday, October 3, 2008


My checkerboard bag on top of my scooter..^^

Coca Cola :)
Coca Cola

Making dinner


Me driving

Magnus in Sørkedalen (on his way to a party for his class)

A few more can be seen on Flickr :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


A few shots from Tuesday. You can see more in my photostream @ Flickr

View from our balcony, it's raining a little:

Tea and breakfast:
Breakfast & tea

I took the tram from Bislett as usual:
The tram

New episode of Heroes, more Milo <3