Friday, May 30, 2008

Any seal, or token of the earl's authority?

Tone utfordret meg så da må jeg jo ta den:D

"pick up the nearest book-open on page 123-find the fifth sentence-post the next three sentences......-tag five people,and acknowledge who tagged you"

Den nærmeste boken er den jeg leser nå, "The Pillars of the Earth" skrevet av Ken Follet. Ifølge coveret er det en classic masterpiece..hehe. Jeg har lest den før, for mange år siden, men den er veldig bra! Veldig tykk, over 1000 sider, men det er bra, jeg liker bøker som varer en stund:) Handlingen er lagt til England på 1100-tallet, og hovedpersonene er bl.a. en munk, en biskop, en byggmester, en lord osv. Handlingen er sentrert rundt byggingen av en ny katadral, men det skjer masse personlig drama + at det er borgerkrig. Det er en ganske voldelig bok, deler av den er nesten ekkelt å lese, men den er også veldig spennende og trist.

Philip began to perspire slightly. "I gathered he was well known, by the people he was going to see, as an authorised representative of the earl."
"What was his name?"
"Francis," Philip said stupidly, and wanted to bite his tongue.

Jeg tagger:


Legger også ut en LO jeg laget til en BOM-utfordring om å scrappe favorittmaten min.. :D

Og helt tilslutt, om du ikke har sett den ennå, se på denne videoen. Helt sykt hvordan han beveger seg! (Litt lang introgreie men "dansingen" begynner etterhvert):

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This LO is very inspired by a layout Isabell made :) It's for my BOM. I'm 2 1/2 years old here and dressed up as Pink Panther for the carnival in my kindergarden.

Pink Panther

Patterend paper from Sassafrass Lass, vinyl thickers from American Crafts.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Majority rule, don't work in mental institutions

NOFX - The Idiots Are Taking Over (The video is a "conceptual typographic video" according to the dude who made it, its really cool, you should check it out)

I really don't have anything interesting to write about but I noticed there's been a week since my last blogpost so yeah..

Sooo... what's up? I saw Ignite live @ Garage on friday. They were cool. Have you been to any concerts lately? Planning on seeing any amazing bands soon? :)

Me and my bf have been together for 4 years now.. our anniversary was friday the 23rd :) Horray for us, he's the cutest <3

Here's a picture of him from 2007:2007

And one of my teacup, which is also very
For Tea

Oh, and next friday I'm attending Xstine's scrapbook class @ Papertrends, maybe I'll see you there! :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Feel the rain on your skin. No one else can feel it for you. Only you can let it in

I just discovered that there's been released 10 more episodes of The Hills!! I LOVE that TV-show! If you dunno what it is: It's a sort of "reality" (more like a soap opera but the ppl are real and the dramah is "real" sure) about the kids from Laguna Beach who now live, work and party in LA. It's so awful and so entertaining:D Spencer is just ugly and stupid.. I wish Jason hadn't left, he was so hot..hehe:)

You can watch all the episodes here.

Scrapbooking has been slow lately, I haven't really made any layouts. I made this robot out of felt the other day though, it's my first felt creation..hehe. It's supposed to be a love-robot, but he looks kinda


I also made these 2 canvases, gifts for the parents of the girls in the photos. They are 10x10 cm - really cute:)


I'm off to watch Top Model now, laters.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nostalgia 3

Nostalgia 1

Nostalgia 2

Mom and dad, New Years Eve 1993

Lisa and me, winter 1995

Lisa's birthday, november 1995

Me, 10 years old, 1996

Me @ Crete, 1996

My dad's birthday, 1996

May 17th, 1997. Me and some friends from school

Me in my room, 1998

My 14th or 15th birthday


Thursday, May 1, 2008

I can kill you with my brain

Firefly intro song

I just finished watching all the episodes of the tv-show Firefly. It premiered in the US in 2002, but was canceled after the first season :( It's a comedy/action/science-fiction/western thing, very cool. I liked it alot even though it was a tad to violent for my taste. You should watch it;) And River Tam was the best..hehe "I can kill you with my brain".. baha! There's also a movie based on the TV-show, called Serenity. Gonna see that one soon:)

2 new layouts, both C&S:

This one is a 6x12 for my BOM about my favorite outdoor activity.

And this one's about my sister sneaking a bath in our neighbours pool on holiday in Spain in 2004. I love the title, it's stickers from Doodlebug Design.