Wednesday, December 30, 2009


A blog post about my christmas celebration this year, lots of photos, enjoy :P

Let's start with the most important part, presents for me!

My parents gave me these very cool yellow Hunter boots, yay! Ready for rainy spring days now :D

I got this Chocolate tea from my little sister, she bought it in India! I really like the pretty fabric bag the tea is in, hope it tastes good too :)

All the Hello Kitty-stuff I got.. T-shirts, candy, toothbrush, socks etc, fun :)

My christmas gift from my boyfriend... He was very creative when he wrapped this! Inside was candy, concert tickets (Machine Head + Hatebreed) and 1TB external harddrive (so i can back up all my photos)

Christmas Eve is mostly the same every year in my family. We eat porrige for lunch, and both me and my little sister get the almond (even though I'm 24 now) and since we don't like marzipan we get a santa chocolate instead.

Later we dress up and take the traditional christmas photo of me and my sister in front of the christmas tree. My outfit this year was a short green dress from H&M and my fav. black pumps.

Christmas Eve

Outfit - December 24th

Around 6pm we eat christmas dinner with ice cream for dessert.

Christmas Eve
Mom, dad, grandpa, me and little sister.

After dinner we unwrap our presents one at a time while we eat christmas cookies. My mom, my sister and I really enjoy wrapping pretty presents, the wrapping process is an important part of the preparations and it makes for a nice showing under the christmas tree :)

Christmas gifts
Some of the gifts I wrapped from me and my boyfriend.

On December 25th my sister and I get stockings with candy and such in them and we eat a big christmas breakfast. My boyfriend came to join us for breakfast and aftewards I went with him to visit his family:)

Outfit - December 25th
Outfit. Black top, cardigan and grey stockings from H&M, skirt from Mango, studded high heeled shoes from Zara.

December 25th

December 25th
Me and my boyfriend Magnus.

December 25th
My mom.

December 25th
My little sister.

I hope you had a nice holiday celebration as well! :)


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