Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mr. Handsome

Yoshi is 8 months and 5 days today, hurray for such an event:D

He's still the cutest dog and imo really handsome <3 He was at his first show on December 29th and got 1st place and a good review. The judge thought he was "too small" though, whatever, I think he's perfect:D

He has the best personality, he's really calm and easygoing but playful, especially with other dogs, always happy and loves them all. He loves the people around him but doesn't care much for strangers (not aggresive of course, just.. uninterested). He's not very cuddly but enjoys a little scratch on the tummy or a hug now and then:) I forcecuddle him all the time though, he's so soft I can't resist. He can be obedient but he is pretty strong willed as well and stubborn too..haha. Mixed with a fear of strange places it can be a challenge when we are going somewhere new with him^^ Still the best dog ever ;)

8 months + 5 days



  1. Haha, herregud for ein fining! Elskar at han er REDD acne store i Oslo. Priceless!

  2. Nææ, så stor og fin han har blitt!
    Har dere vært på utstilling? Så kult! Trente dere mye på å gå i ring og stå pent først eller?

    Håper alt er bra! Savner Houston-gjengen altså. Får hive meg på neste lønningspils! :)


  3. Så flott han er - og sååå søt! He is the very best - of course!
    Kommer du til Mjøstreffet?
    Har noe til deg i min blog.
    KLem fra B.


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