Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a fun and safe celebration last night, and I wish you all a happy new year! Hurray for 2008! :D

Me and Magnus had a very nice New Years Eve:)

New Years Eve

Fireworks 2


So..do you have any resolutions or exiting plans for the new year?

My plans for 2008:
- Finish my bachelor
- Travel to the Netherlands to visit Maarten
- Go to alot of concerts (already have tickets for Dropkick Murphys and Reel Big Fish.. woho!)
- Be a good girlfriend so Magnus will keep loving me <3
- Use my creativity as much as possible and challenge myself to try new stuff.. in papercraft/scrapbooking, but also other crafts
- Take lots of cool photos with Magnus' new camera
- Play the drums more so I can actually get good at it:P
- Read alot of books

This year I'm not gonna make the mistake of making the "eat less candy"-resolution..haha. That one has never worked out so well.. :D Candy ftw.


  1. jeg skal også lese masse bøker i 2008 :D og lære meg nederlansk, wuhu. når du drar til nederland kan du bli ekspert og så kan du undervise meg, mhm.

  2. Godt Nyttår! Utrolig søt kjole! Lykke til med forsettene! De klarer du helt sikkert!


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