Wednesday, February 18, 2009

All i want is to be with you

Nikola Sarcevic - My Aim Is You

All my friends, they say
They wanna conquer the world today
They got so many dreams to catch
And many things to do
But me, I'm not the same
I only have one single aim
Yeah only one thing's on my mind
And that is you
Cause all I want is to be with you
It's all I want
It doesn't really matter what we do
Cause all I want is to be with you

So last saturday was Valentine's Day, the day of romance..hehe. My boyfriend and I never really celebrated Valentine's before, but we kind of did this year.

The reason was that on february 15th he moved to Skien (2 1/2 hours away from me..*sob*) because of his studies and I wanted to do something nice for us the last day he was at home with me:) (Edit: He will be back in 3 months, I'm so glad it's not longer!:D)

I got up before him (I NEVER do that usually..^^) and I set a cute breakfast table and made american pancakes, some shaped as hearts <3 He thought it was really cute and the pancakes were so yummy with maple syrup on!

Valentine's Day 2009

I drove him to Skien on Sunday, and it was snowing alot.. And then it snowed even more during the night so I postponed my trip back on Monday, hoping they would clear the roads..but it didn't really stop snowing so I just had to go eventually:P But I got home safe, just had to drive a bit slower than usual.

I love the snow in the city though (before it gets all brown and yucky..^^). It makes everything so white and bright and pretty, and it softens all the city sounds. It also feels warmer outside when there's snow, I have no idea why.. :)




  1. åh...det så skikkelig romantisk ut, Nora:) Skjønner godt at dere ville feire litt i år :)

  2. åå sukk, så fint!!* jeg var jo i Kongsberg og spilte NM på Valentines day, men vi pleier heller ikke feire, pleier heller å være romantiske hele tiden...
    men skjønner godt dere ville feire da...så sørgelig at han flytter så langt dere får besøke hverandre ofte ofte:):)

  3. Great choice of song! Makes me think of my ex tho :/

    What camera do you use and do you work with photographing or is it just an hoby of yours?

  4. Thank you Tix:) I use a Nikon D80 SLR + an Olympus compact camera. And it's just a hobby:)

  5. Visste ikke at Nikola hadde gått solo! Det forklarer jo søtsuppesounden på Machine 15, haha :D


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