Thursday, April 8, 2010


My first DT layouts for Scrappegodis are now posted over in their blog. I wasn't very happy with how they turned out, but go check it out anyway :P The other girls have made some really great layouts! :)

I got a msg on Flickr the other day that wanted to post my "Love love kiss kiss"-layout on their website. It's up now, along with the other cute kissing photos of the week ;)

April 19th I'm starting a photo project called "A week in the life". For one week I'm going to take lots of photos of what I'm doing and everyday stuff around me. If I feel like it I'll use the photos to make an album. I did this before in October 2008 and it was really fun! The project is an idea by scrapbooker Ali Edwards, check out her blog for lots of posts about it. Maybe you want to join in too?

Ali's blogpost about the project

You should watch this video.. it's amazing:D "Pixels - New York invasion by 8-bits creatures!"

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