Monday, May 19, 2008

Feel the rain on your skin. No one else can feel it for you. Only you can let it in

I just discovered that there's been released 10 more episodes of The Hills!! I LOVE that TV-show! If you dunno what it is: It's a sort of "reality" (more like a soap opera but the ppl are real and the dramah is "real" sure) about the kids from Laguna Beach who now live, work and party in LA. It's so awful and so entertaining:D Spencer is just ugly and stupid.. I wish Jason hadn't left, he was so hot..hehe:)

You can watch all the episodes here.

Scrapbooking has been slow lately, I haven't really made any layouts. I made this robot out of felt the other day though, it's my first felt creation..hehe. It's supposed to be a love-robot, but he looks kinda


I also made these 2 canvases, gifts for the parents of the girls in the photos. They are 10x10 cm - really cute:)


I'm off to watch Top Model now, laters.


  1. Hihi, så søt robot! Selv om han ser bittelitt trist ut ja.. Ser ut som han har amputert arma:p Hehe.
    Jeg esker også The hills, så dette varjo goode nyheter:D

  2. Tihi, for en søt liten robot da! :) Og så flotte layouter du har laget!! Ha en flott uke videre, jeg skulle egentlig ha lest mere enn jeg scrapper nå egentlig. To eksamener denne uka.. :)

  3. Kul robot!! :) Jeg har aldri sett The Hills, men jeg husker jeg så litt på Laguna Beach for noen år siden. OMG så blonde en del av dem var... *fnis* Må nok kikke på The Hills også skjønner jeg - sikkert god underholdning!! :D

  4. Det er den nusseligste roboten ever, da!

    Flotte småLOer, og!


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